Demat Account

Dmat (Dematerialised account) is an account the process of holding the financial securities like shares, bonds, government securities in electronic form. Its also helps to maintain the track record of  all the investment makes by the individual in shares, Exchanges traded Funds, bonds in one place. 

As per the SEBI Guidelines only DMAT Account Holder can trade in shares, exchanges traded funds, bonds.

DMAT Accounts are maintained by two Depository Organisation:

  • National Securities Depository Limited
  • Central Depository Services Limited

Depository Participants updates and manage the account of the Investors. The Depository Participants are the intermediary between the investor and the depository such as banks.  

Types of DMAT Accounts:

  • Regular Dmat Account
  • Repatriable Dmat Account
  • Non-Repatriable Dmat Account

Documents required for opening a DMAT Account

  • PAN
  • Proof of Address 
  • Cancelled Cheque/ Bank Statement 
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Id 
  • Aadhar Card

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