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Provides the financial protection to your family. It is a product which offers the financial coverage to the policyholder for a specific time period.  In case of unfortunate happened of the insured individual under the policy time period. The insurance Policy Company provides the guaranteed payout. It compensates the nominee for the loss of your income.  

Benefits of Term Insurance:

  1. The Term Insurance plan secures the Financials for the entire family in case of the unfortunate death of the Insured individual. Apart from the Death Benefits it covers optional Coverage for Critical Illness or accidental death. 
  2. Tax Benefits: Under Section 80C and Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. You can get the the Tax Relaxation on premium paid. And Under the Section 10(10D), the Lump sum Compensation received by the nominee as the sum Assured, are also the Exempted from the Taxes.  
  3. Affordable Premium: By Paying the Affordable Premium you may get the high value of coverage from your Insurance plan. Premium Payment Can is made Monthly, Half Yearly or Yearly. 

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Heath Insurance a type of policy issued by the Insurance Company which provides the Medical Coverage. It’s Cover the Medical Expenses incurred on Hospitalization, Operations, Surgeries Admitted day care procedures Cost etc. Health Insurance are of 2 types.  

  1. Indemnity Plan Health Insurance Reimburses the Medical cost.
  2. Definite Plan Health Insurance Offers the Cash less Treatment.

The Increasing ubiquities of Lifestyle Diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Stroke and Heart Attack are become the major cause of concern. And today’s busy schedule life, you should be prepared for a medical occurrence at all the time. Medical Emergency can happens any time. Its is very important to have an anticipation and protection of your family and self from an unpredicted medical Situation. This is where the health insurance policy can help. 

Benefits of Health Insurance:

  • Financial Coverage 
  • Claim Settlement
  • Maternity expenses coverage  
  • Tax Benefits 
  • Hospitalization Allowances
  • Financial Security against the hike of Medical cost.

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